Monday, 6 April 2009

The Weekly fly - The Dahlberg diver

Just been trawling through past additions on "The weekly fly" and I came across a very good tutorial on the Dahlberg diver by Steve Potter. Yes they're a very good fly........for Bass, but to be honest tying these up for pike just seems like a lot of wasted time in my opinion. Anyway its still a top tutorial to look at.

Click the link or the image to visit the Weekly fly's Dahlberg diver tutorial


mountain man said...

Hello Simon,
Thanks for the tips and link to the wig hair streamer. It looks awesome! Maybe tomorrow after work I can try to find some party hair.

The weekly fly is a great find. I also like to search you tube when trying to find new tying techniques. The weather here is crazy! Today near 70 degrees F, and a chance of snow on thursday! I've got to get out to the lake and pick up some of babes!

All about the grab said...

No worries, your welcome.

Clive said...

That one looks awesome!

Jay said...

Thanks for using my Dahlberg Diver as your topic picture.