Thursday, 2 April 2009

PikeFFArticles new fishing reports on Google maps

With spring just around the corner and once the ice melts from the sea I thought I would add a new feature to P.FF.Articles in the way of an interactive look at where I will be fishing this season around Replot island. You will be able to follow my pike on the fly antics not only through my reports but also on the Google maps widget I have installed in the sidebar.

Each trip whether wading or on a boat, will be logged and marked down with its own co-ordinates on the map. Not only that, I will show images of where I have been for that day, What fish I have caught…if any, & with what fly, ….etc etc, so giving you all a better insight into Replot island and the world natural heritage site it belongs to.

Just for starters if you go to the map in the sidebar I have already placed the above image of the frozen sea at Korsören at Norra Vallgrund on the west coast of the island as well as where our house and office is located with regards to the island, and also my last pike on the fly session for last year at Replot harbour with some fish porn to look at.

Lastly I have an ulterior motive for doing this project. Google maps Satellite image of the island isn’t as detailed as what I think it “Should” or “Could be” especially with it being part of Finland’s only World natural heritage site ( KVARKEN). And in so plotting and recording the island in this way, I will approach Google maps at the end of this year with what I have done so far to see whether improvements can be made. Yes an ambitious & somewhat time consuming project but hopefully one that will put this wonderful area on the Map……so to speak!

Use the map as you normally would in Google maps,click and drag,increase or decrease the image as you see fit. Points marked might seem like they only have one image but sometimes might have 3 0r 4 for that specific fishing trip.

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Anonymous said...

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All about the grab said...

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