Sunday, 5 April 2009

Blue streaked white pike Sara

If you cant be arsed with tying elaborate patterns for your flies then here is a fly which might be right up your ally. The” White pike Sara” or “Blue streaked white pike Sara” as they are called, have to be if not one of the easiest pike fly patterns around. They are designed and tied by a gentleman called Soeren Gagnekulla who hails from Sweden. His while ethos behind the White pike Sara is to make the lightest possible fly with the most amount of volume in the water.

He says colours aren’t to important but he likes to mix in different kinds of glitter and flash around the white ostrich hurl which forms the core of the fly. He also heat shrinks these flies directly on his traces as well. To be truthful I was a little skeptical about how well these flies would fish but one only has to look at the last 5 entries from his fishing diary to know these “Blue streaked white pike Sara” are a killer fly.

Although in Swedish here is Soeren with the tying tutorial in Parts 1 & 2. To visit his website click any of the images or his linked name


Auke jongbloed said...

What strikes me most is the really tiny hook Soeren uses. Reading his web based diary he tells us he seldom looses pike and if so the tiny hook is very friendly for the pike. It seems a way to go...

I still think the streamer is actualy very small and I think the volumn in the water will be very small.

Nevertheless I think in the part of the season where there are a lot of small bait fish you will catch more pike with smaller streamers. Still it will help when you have a streamer with a lot of disturbance.

Reading his website it shows he is catching his pike with the flies so... I will tie myself some of them to try them out.

Thanks for posting!


All about the grab said...

Yes, was suprised myself Auke with the hooks he was using. Am sure though one could add a little more longer strips to give it more bulk but on the whole interesting fly.