Monday, 27 April 2009

On the fly

Dave Lindsey from Pike & Predator fly-fishing flies has asked me to put this up on the wall.
Hi all, I’m working on a new web project about fly caught fish. What I’m looking for are photos of any kind of fish caught on any kind of fly gear. It doesn’t matter how big or small , fresh water saltwater doesn’t matter. They can be of tiny trout to marlin, tuna, pike, walleye sockeye, from the USA to Australia as long as its fly caught that’s all that matters. If you have any pictures please mail them to

hope you’ll all be able to help out. Here is the website link so you have an idea whats involved "ON THE FLY"
Please note that there is no money to be made at all from this project, but what I will do is give full credit for the images sent.
Thanks in advance


dave mcfluffchucker said...

many thanks for that simon i have a new mail for images its is

nice to see youve doubled up to make me the friday funny he he

thanks again

All about the grab said...

No worries Dave,The new email address is now in place.Good luck with the project.