Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Vision in Flyfishing gear

Today you get a short tackle review, some pike on the fly porn and a 20 min pike fishing film from the Baltic here to watch at the end. As I now live in Finland, I feel I need to mention what I think are quality products that are produced here in this country, especially with regards to fly-fishing equipment. Vision in flyfishing equipments headquarters are based in Kellokoski. I’ve been using a few of their products now for a few years since moving here, namely the Mycket Bra, Radipor waders and wading jacket and I have been very impressed with the overall quality. Having a zip on the front of your waders is a god sent….believe you me. Although I very rarely use the side and inside pockets they do have their uses, especially if you change your wire tippet as much as I do over a day, then they are great for keeping spares in without having to rummage though your chest pack all the time.

To be honest I haven’t used their rods yet but they do have a range of equipment for us pike on the fly angler. Their GT four SW Medium fast looks particularly good and
They write that “It turns your damp pike fly like a leaf in the wind. The T-35 carbon allows more action all the way from the butt, so heavier flies and lines in a blizzard are just a piece of cake for this rod. For calmer days we have expanded this collection with a new lighter 7 class nine footer”.

Vision Big mama fly lines
Made to deliver your super size fly through a hurricane. The short front taper loads your gun right away with a tight loop, the long rear taper allows you to force the package anywhere you want it.

Vision Pike wire leader: 30 lb
Vision Pike leader is made from their Wireline tippet material and tapered heavy duty monofilament leader. They are attached with tippet ring. This makes it easy to change the wire tippet when needed. The overall length of the leader is 7 feet. Includes one extra tippet ring.

If you’ve never heard of Vision products before and need proof that there equipment can stand up to the rigors of catching big pike on the fly, then here we are. Former lure fisherman Roni Selen is now a pike fishing enthusiast and part of the Vision World team. When he’s not working as a fisheries official or writing articles as a freelance fishing journalist he just loves to chuck big flies into heavy wind in nasty weather, 'cause he says that’s when the big ones are biting.

“Big Pike Fly Challenge 2008”
Click the hyphenated “here” to watch some fantastic pike on the fly footage from last years vision pike on the fly competition held in Stockholm’s Archipelago.
Click the medium version for your P.C’s

I am in now way sponsored or have I been asked to endorse any of these products from Vision. I just find their products worthy of a feature on this blog.


sueness said...

Canny mental that pike like! Not as big as the one i lost last week, honesy! My one was twice as big : )