Monday, 13 April 2009

Readers fish porn

Today’s fish porn comes from another PikeFFArticles reader Bill Henry. He says he fishes for pike every summer about 30 minutes from mid town New York City & It’s the best kept secret in fly fishing.
He uses an 8 wt rod with a Franco Vivarelli gold star reel, orvis 9I line and big flies! and he says he never uses wire but a fluorocarbon shock tippet (60- 80 lbs) only.
Thanks for these Bill and nice to meet you mate.

If any of you have any pike on the fly fish porn you would like to share with us here on PikeFFArticles then get hold of me through the contact form and I will email you right back. Send a short description of where you fish and what tackle you use as well.

If it looks like a shit hole where he's fishing then you wouldn't be wrong. Have just been sent this video footage of the same place .


(°_°) said...

my pleasure :)

All about the grab said...

Thanks for that.I had a problem with loading it up at 1st and it changed the layout Html code on the blog so I had to delete it with all the comments.
So sorry for that to whoever commented on this post.
Fishing Jones, Mcfluffchucker and yourself.