Friday, 24 April 2009

Swimtrue custom flies- by Graham Coombes

If you’ve never heard of Graham Coombes and Swimtrue Custom Flies then maybe you should stop by his website and have a look at the fantastic flies he’s tying. Graham has been involved with fly-tying and fly-fishing for over 18 years now. Originally from Australia he moved to Canada 6 yrs ago and has been busy developing flies which combine a swimming action with a traditional look and feel primarily for targeting Pike, Musky and Bass. Its amazing I have been fly-fishing for pike for 15 yrs and have only in the last 2 days come across Grahams work and to be truthful I’m very impressed with the quality of the flies he is tying.

His specialty are flies that swim which makes tying them very time consuming, with attention to detail absolutely crucial his main objective is to keep the quality and performance of his flies to a standard you’d expect from a custom fly tyer. He also states that his patterns will work over a varied range of retrieval speeds, making them a great choice for many situations. He says he takes great care and pride in every fly he ties while striving to push the boundaries of fly tying with style. If you need proof that his flies catch big fish then check out this 52” Musky caught by Nick Pujic.

Personally I think you’ll be seeing a lot more from Graham here on PikeFFArticles in the months to come. Anyway why not stop buy his website and have a good look around.

Click on any of the images or links and they will take you straight to his website.


Anonymous said...

The flies look really great. He's one of the few who ties his flies using barbless hooks.

Andi said...

Great idea to put a rattle between the eyes. I will try this for my own flies. Thanks for the link!