Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pike & Predator flies

Dave (Mcfluffchucker) Lindsey has just uploaded new pike flies for sale. Why not drop by and have a look around at Pikeandpredatorfishingflies


Andrew Wilkie said...

Hey Simon, saw your post on our blog (www.solidhookups.blogspot.com). I'm always on the hunt for new Pike fly patterns so I'll make it a habit to visit your blog in search of new flies to use here in Maine. Its been a new quest of mine this season to not only catch more Pike, but to truly learn when/where they're feeding, and what it is that trips their triggers in different environments etc. Sounds like you're pretty passionate about the Pike; Sweet Blog!

All about the grab said...

Hi Wilkie,
Cheers mate,much appreciated.Am sure you will find plenty here for you to get by on