Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Out & About

After pottering around in the Garden all day…………I know, go on say it!…….well a mans got to earn his points wherever he can get them, I say. Anyway I drove a few km’s up the road from my place half way between Björköby & Replot and chucked some fluff around the shallows with the hope that maybe a snot-rocket might be looking for a tasty morsel in the way of one of my flies, but unfortunately for me I hit a blank.

In my defense though, water temps are barely above 3’c and there was plenty of ice still floating about. I did manage to see an Osprey & 2 White tailed eagles flying around, as well as numerous wading birds resting up in the shallows…..so not all was lost.

Go to the Google maps in the side bar to see where I was.Green markers with dots in the middle