Monday, 13 April 2009

Cobwebs dusted

Woke up yesterday morning with a hangover from hell from the previous nights family gathering. Copious quantities of alcohol and good food made getting out of bed nigh impossible but I was determined to dust off the cobwebs once and for all with a short session before breakfast. The water is still way too cold for me to be positive about catching any pike……..maybe in a week or so conditions will improve enough, although pike here still have the spawning period to contend with - (Well that’s what I was telling myself)

Anyway Lena & I headed back to Söderudden where I nearly sank Pasi’s boat last week and fished from the bank. I cant tell you how fantastic it felt to have a rod in my hand again, and to hear the distinctive sound of the fly line zipping past me back & forth with each chuck. The water was surprisingly crystal clear which made the fly extremely visible as I slowly retrieved it back with each strip. Unfortunately the wind got up and a snagged line halted any more fishing but on the whole it was positive session for all the right reasons....

Go to the Google map in the sidebar to check out where I was fishing.The Pink marker with the dot in the middle on the west of the island is the last place fished.