Monday, 27 April 2009

Spawning pike

As I’ve mentioned before, Replot island is part of the Kvarken World natural heritage site and the reasoning behind the given award, was due to it being one of the few places on earth where the land mass is rising 7mm – 9mm per annum. With shallow waters in curtain areas less than a meter deep and a plethora of reed beds lining the shoreline It’s one of the most prolific pike spawning grounds in the world, especially around Panike, found on the North West of the island. Every year thousands upon thousands of pike literally flood into the area to spawn and hundreds of spectators line the shores to watch this truly amazing spectacle. The water literally becomes a mass of writhing male bodies all jostling for the attentions of the females…..sounds like any given Friday night down at the local boozer!Local papers have been running reports that the first pike have started to move in so will be going to have a look for myself this afternoon.

Click on the map to see a large version. Enlarge it then click & drag until you find the red rectangular area marked.Or go to my Google maps fishing report in the sidebar.Its the green marker with the dot in the middle.


dave mcfluffchucker said...

that is one amazing photo just stared at it for ages stunning

All about the grab said...

Actually Dave this is a stream that crosses a road and the pike swim right up it over the road into the next stretch of water....Amazing.