Thursday, 9 April 2009

Frog imitation flies

If you have never heard of then maybe you should check out their website for some of the most realistic frog and Salamander fly imitation flies available.
they quote "The Deep Swimming Frog is the first of its kind, and like the already popular Mad Mud Dog is a fly that will fish deep in and around cover to pull out those big lunker bucket mouth. The Deep Swimming Frog is the only frog pattern intended to be fished below the surface instead of on it"
Scheil’s Deep swimming frog fly
Mad Mud dog Salamander flies


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Those look really great. I checked out and checked out their free articles as well. A great resource! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those look really great! I checked out as well and check out the fly shop and free articles. A great resource. Thanks for Sharing.


All about the grab said...

Your welcome Ryan and thanks for the positive comments...much appreciated mate.