Monday, 20 April 2009

Big Baltic Pike

Seeing the majority of you will be going to work at some stage today, I thought I’d brighten it up with some more monster pike that have been caught around here in the Baltic this winter & spring.

A big thank you goes out to Janne who features in a lot of these Images. He writes his own fishing blog from Sweden called “Team Örebroarn “ and was gracious enough to let me use these images of him proudly showing us some of his own pike porn. The site is in Swedish but it does have Google translate anyway. If you’d like to see more images then go to his flickr page.

Don’t get me wrong Canadian & North American Pike are big but I have to say that Baltic pike are up there with the best. The one thing I can say about Baltic Pike and that is they fight harder than their freshwater cousins. You really do know when you have one on the business end of your line.

8,7kg - 107cm

103cm - 8.5kg






Steve said...

Some fantastic pike images Simon. Hope the glitch with your comments is sorted now.


All about the grab said...

Hi Steve,
It looks like it mate and yes they are impressive looking girls aren't they.