Saturday, 16 April 2011

Shark flies

Shark flies.....would love to know why its all red. Am sure there is a reason. looks a pretty easy construction. wonder if some of my own flies would snag a toothy critter?


My Ghillie said...

Thanks for the vid. I tie my shark flys a bit differently but that one would work for sure.

Here on the coast of NC, we have alot of shrimpers. A large part of what they net is bycatch, small fish of varying types. When the nets are brought on board, the haul is sorted and all that bycatch gets thrown overbaord. Talk about a chum line! Sharks of many types feed and hooking a 4 to 10 foot shark is as easy as putting the fly in the water. Landing them is not quite so easy though. When you come to the states, put that on your to do list.