Friday, 8 April 2011

Fly Candy

Blue is a very productive colour here on the Baltic especially with the plastic treble chuckers and whenever I've used a blue fly I've caught fish with it. Anyway I had a couple of unused packets of Shaded pink and Sea blue slinky fiber which I split into equal sized clumps then blended different shades with some plain white for the belly.

I like this striped one and might actually add stripes to the rest of this set, i'll see!

I might bring these out in the summer or late spring for a test run. Having not fished with this purple/blue colour combo before I'm not sure how they'll fair....fingers crossed they're the nuts and the pike love em!


Francesco C. said...

Mycket fin Simon!!!

My Ghillie said...

Good looking flies. They would work well here in this part of the world too.

pietro said...

awesome colors!