Monday, 18 April 2011

Fly Candy

Its great to be back out fishing regularly again. I've had fish to hand which has rejuvenated the soul but only after 2 weeks my waders smell like extremely ripe camembert cheese, even though I gave them the full valet treatment at the end of last season. My boots have seen better day as well. I've often been surprised when reading that some chaps have to replace their waders and boots only after one season. I've used mine twice a day for around 450 days and they still keep me dry and believe when I say I've put them through their paces. Saying that though I'm sorely in need of some new duds. I'm no tackle tart but a mans got to have certain necessities but with the price of equipment these days it looks like I'm going to have make do with the crusty shit that I have at the mo. The most important thing is that I have enough flies to last me for the season and thats all that matters in the long run.

Am looking forward to showing this to a few snotrockets this spring. I took it out for a swim this weekend and it looked like a small pike from above when I was striping it back.


Silverking Lodge said...

Get you some new boots! Love the Fly Candy and your Blog, you do a great job. I am always learning new tips and always looking to expand my knowledge base.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Thanks for the kind words Silverking lodge.The boots have deteriorated even worse now and am in the market for a new pair. am in desporate need of a sponsor :)