Monday, 4 April 2011

Coffee break!

My good friend Nico gave me a set of coffe mugs over the weekend for the office and I have two spare limited edition Pike fly fishing articles coffee mugs to give away to whoever would like one.Just answer a simple question for each of the mugs to put yourself in line to increase your daily fix of PFFA. Leave your answers in the comments box. The 1st correct answers I pull out the hat tommorrow will recieve one.

Question 1: How many tubeflies are to be found in the image on this mug?

Question 2: How many air bubbles can be found in the image on this mug?


The African Fly Angler said...

Awesome mugs. Answer is 6 tube flies and 12 bubbles.

aidanf said...

Q2: 12 bubbles.

Q1: 6?

ridderbos3 said...

question 1 6 tube flies
question 2 12 bubbles