Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fly Candy

Yet another articulated stinger fly. the tail is a combination of 4 Swan under feathers splayed outwards along the hook shank. Grizzly chartreuse schlappen,grizzly microbarb saddles and bucktail.

The main body I followed the same tying placements of feathers. The collar is spun elk hair followed by several white microbarb saddles and then another tightly packed spun deerhair head.

Total length 12" and super light, considering the overall size of it. The white swan feathers are extremely stiff, so will hold much of the body volume giving it a very large silhouette from below


My Ghillie said...

How often do you have to change the paper in the bottom of the cage for that thing...WOW!

All about the grab said...

Its a big cage as well!