Friday, 1 April 2011

The "Replot slug"

I call these "Replot slugs" and are a combination of synthetic funky fiber, microbarb saddles,bucktail and spun deer hair. I experimented with this fly last season but in a smaller version and was amazed at how well it moved under the water. Both these flies have been tied with an articulated trailing hooks.

Start by tying a general baitfish pattern onto what will be the trailing hook using silver, silver tan and tan funky fiber (or a synthetic of your choice). Then add 5 brown microbarb saddles half way through the tie,so the feathers would petrude out of the synthetics. Added a couple of JC feathers to its flanks then whip finish. Attach it to the main hook then add some smaller sections of funky fiber near the bend of the hook primerily to hide the wire and plastic tubing. Then add a decent clump of dark brown bucktail and spin to make a collar. Then add several microbarb saddles of your own choice.I used cream & grizzly on this fly. Then I spun deer hair up to the eye of the hook and left untrimmed.

The bottom one of the two has had no microbarb saddles added except to the articulated tail.

Total length 12" inches - 30cm. The only downside to this fly is that the funky fiber gets rather matted after a couple of pike have had it,but can be rectified with a good dry comb through after a session on the water.Click images for larger views!


Raymond - Noordermeer. (The-fly-tying_dutchman) said...

That's fly tying art Si!

You keep surprising, really amazing man!


Jeff said...

Great name for the fly....very slug like. I need to give the way you create the articulated fly a try with the tubing.