Monday, 11 April 2011

Fly Candy

Its good to have flies for different fishing areas and these have been given the fishskull treatment for slightly deeper waters. All three have double bunny zonker strips. this one has white/black. Then added a couple of clumps of red bucktail then some pearl tinsel flash then a decent collar of Black UV Polar chenille finished off with a black fishskull head.

A traditional firetiger colour combo

This is my favourite out of the three and have already caught two pike with it this weekend. This one has a pink raccoon collar instead of the uv polar chenille I used on the other two.


My Ghillie said...

Good looking flies. Glad to hear that you're out and about and that you caught some fish. After the winter that you endure, you deserve it!


Tom said...

Very slick flies !
Are you tying these with hook point up for added weedlessness ?

All about the grab said...

John: Cheers,its been slow understandably due to water temps being what they are, but over the last 9 days I've had 10 braught to hand and released. Its looking up though!

Tom: No I haven't got the hooks facing upwards. These flies were tied to be fished over open water of depths around 3 meters. If I'm fishing through weeds and sea grass the I generally use my Rattle n Hums tied specifically for that purpose only.