Friday, 29 April 2011


1x Vision Mycket bra
1 x box 6 flies
1 x My Ghillie rod holder (More on that later)
1 x sharp knife
1 x small pliers
1 x small wire cutters
1 x scissors
1 x hook sharpener
1 x tape measure
1 x boga-grip
2 x forceps
1 x bottle juice
1 x camera phone
1 x super glue
2 x spare 60lb mono leaders/wire traces
1 x packet LOOP pike wire
1 x Vision pike fly swivels
1 x Vision pike wire

I hate carrying too much shit with me, so this is what I roll with while out on the water.
Total weight 1,1kg. Gone fishing…..nuff said!!


Unknown said...

Nice lightweight kit! Not as light as my tenkara kit, though ;)