Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

This monster musky fly only has one objective and thats to attract a monster fish. At 15" inches long its a combination of fur,rubber,flash,bucktail and deer hair.

I started with tying on two thin strips of yellow barred rabbit zonker onto the articulated stinger hook. Then a couple of clumps of black bucktail spun around the hook shaft. Then added 2 black saddles on either side then another clump of bucktail. Then covered that with a yellow/white rubber muppet. Then finished of the tail with a contrasting clump of yellow bucktail

The main body tied onto the front hook has eight black saddles splayed outwards interdispursed with bucktail along the shank. A generous clump of fluoro chartreuse super fine tinsel was added just behind the collar. The head is tightly spun deer hair trimmed diver style


Jeff said...

Awesome fly. Any plans to chase a few muskies yourself?

All about the grab said...

Maybe in a couple of yrs Jeff when I get over to States side for some fly tying events