Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ulf Hagström

Today I thought I would feature the works of Ulf Hagström. Ulf Hails from Sweden south of Stockholm and Produces some of the best looking pike flies I have seen on the www. He has his own blog called "The lives & flies of Ulf Hagström" which has become one of my favourite stops during the day while trawling the net.

Although He ties pike flies and a keen pike fly-fisherman, he's equally at home behind the vise producing semi-realistic fishing flies & super realistic "art flies" which he sells to those looking for something truly unique. He also has some fantastic pike fly tutorials which are extremely well presented so why not Click the link or any of the pictures to stop by his site and have a look around. You wont be disappointed.


pikepicker said...

Nice job Simon! Ken

dave lindsay said...

ulfs flies are really something else i sometimes just sit and stare at them real works of art

Dave said...

This guy is amazing!