Monday, 13 July 2009

Eumer Tube pike flies

A couple of weeks back I visited Eumer pro accessories down in Merikarvia about coming on board as part sponsors with an event I’m putting together for next year spring. Which I am glad to say, they jumped at the prospect of being involved in. Anyway Jaako & Olli over the last few years have seen the gradual rise in popularity in pike fly-fishing not only in Europe but closer to home here in Finland & have asked me to join their “Pro Staff Team” giving me carte blanche in developing a specific range of pike tube fly accessories for Eumer.

Tube flies aren’t new by any stretch of the imagination, especially with the Blueliner (Hollywood) Trout & Salmon brigade, but for us Snotrocketliners its not something that is widely used and yet is something which has fantastic possibilities for development. I’ve already seen the great potential they have in improving hook ups in poppers and other surface lures as well as deep trawling flies, but it’s the mid water table area I’m looking at being able to develop their products further.

So over the next few months I’m going to be delving into the pros & cons of using tube fly products with several easy to tie pike tube fly tutorials, as well as go through & review some of the best tying materials available here in Finland for using on tube flies.

Just to show you what can be done with Tube flies all these flies on this post I tied up this weekend.

Click image for larger view


David Edwards said...

Never used a tube fly Simon... the ability to change hooks seems a good idea and something I'd like to know more about... one initial question... How does the fly retain its aspect during the retrieve... surely it spins around the hook length? A dummies guide to tube flies would be great!

Thought provoking Monday...

All about the grab said...

Hi Dave,
Actually the hook gets pushed into the back of the tube so yo can either have it facing downwards or facing upwards if you want to make a snag free surface fly for weed beds. I will show examples over the next few weeks mate of different rigs one can use.