Wednesday, 15 July 2009

In to the wild - Update!

People have been emailing me and asking when I'm going to do my Into the wild tip to one of the remoter parts of the island. Well I was going to do it this weekend but have now had to postpone for at least until the middle of August due to me snapping my hamstring last weekend playing Cricket & Secondly the mosquito's are running rampant here at the mo and I'd be eaten alive during the evenings.

Cricket in Finland!!!!.....I know hard to believe. I belong to "Vaasa cricket club", We play in a fully organised league here (which I might add we are topping at the mo) between 7 teams, mainly comprising of ex pats from Australia,South Africa,India,Pakistan & the UK. Anyway I was running to stop a boundary last weekend and snapped my right hamstring and am hobbling around the house at the mo like an old fart. So just bare with me.I have all your entries on file and haven't forgotten.


pikepicker said...

Ouch! hope it is healing ok Si....take care!

Vignot' said...

Sports are too dangerous... You rather be fishing.
Have a good rest and come back soon.

All about the grab said...

Thanks guys.