Friday, 24 July 2009

Fly Candy

More tube flies hot of the press.I have been asked by Jaakko at Eumer to develop a range of Walleye (Zander/Pike perch) and Perch flies for them for jigging purposes as its big business here in Scandinavia and also the States. Anyway I have looked at the the simple jig used around the world and decided that the best line of attack would be to have a wobbly tail which one can achieve with using Marabou hairline and Finn Raccoon Zonker fur, and as I can use different sized heads for the jig I can vary the amount of the materials I tie onto them. Here is the 1st batch. I will do a tutorial for them over the weekend and post it on Monday.


dave lindsay said...

simon i think they are some of the best flies you have done mate really stunning looking flies