Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Here's a top tight arse top tip for those that use foam popper heads. If you see the construction they are just your normal EP foam popper heads with a split ring attaching the fly to it. Have been making some enquiries yesterday and most fly shops in the UK are selling 4 in a pack for £5,95...I don't know about you but that's f***ing highway robbery and more fool you if your that much of a tackle tart to part with your hard earned cash for these things. Your fishing for pike for Pete's sake!. These popper heads were'nt designed for snotrockets but for other species.

All you need is some wire, A split ring, 2 small beads,A cork and a terminal clip

Make a loop,slide the bead along he wire. Then push the wire through the cork and add the other bead. Make a loop and attach the slit ring to the terminal clip. Since taking these pics I have removed the swivel thus shortening it slightly.....well it wasn't needed anyway.

And there you have it.I stuck some eyes on for all you out there that like to see that kinda thing on a fly. Now that cost me less that 20 cents to make & is if not just as good as an EP foam popper head. I was able to cast these 30ft the other day no worries and thats all the distance you need to cast poppers anyway. So all you tackle tarts out there that go to your local tackle shop and pay for foam popper heads...yet still complain at the price of them, then maybe give these a try instead and turn any fly in your tackle box in to a surface lure when ever needed.


dave lindsay said...

top one simon i refuse to buy those things as the price is just stupid for what they are

will have at bash at making one and post the result when i get a min

power to the wine cork

Clive said...

Great stuff Simon!