Monday, 27 July 2009

Jigging tube fly tutorial

Last week I tied up some Walleye/Zander jigging tube flies and said I’d do a tutorial for you, so here it is. All you need is 2 White marabou hairline feathers, 2 x 10mm strips of Black & white Raccoon fur and a couple of strands of pearl tinsel.

Step 1: Run a line of cotton along the length of the conehead

Step 2: Cut 2 lengths of Raccoon fur zonker strips 8mm in Black & White

Step 3: Start at the back of the cone and tie in the white strip first. This will be your tail.

Step 4: palmer on one white marabou hairline

Step 5: Gather all the feathers from the bottom & snip off.

Step 6: Take 3-4 strands of pearl tinsel. Tie half way and fold back over itself.

Step 7: tie on the black Raccoon fur strip at the front of the conehead.

Step 8: Palmer on the second white marabou hairline

Step 9: Whip finish and there you have it.

Here’s what its profile would look like in the water. Now you cant tell me that this fly wont catch you a Walleye/zander/Perch