Thursday, 16 July 2009

Magic Heads

Many of you might not have heard of “The Magic head” produced by Petitjean Fishing Equipment SA based in Switzerland. There are a soft silicone like cup that you tie onto the hook shank prior to all the other materials you add to the hook. What’s great about these heads is one can cut them to any specific shape you want and can be used on all manner of flies from sand eels, baitfish, leech patterns, tarpon flies, bonefish and also pike flies. I’m going to be using some of these with my wig hair streamers for trawling purposes as well as on my Eumer tube Pikeperch (Zander/Walleye) and Perch jigging fly patterns.

They come in 5 sizes and cost $5,70 or Є4,30 per packet.

#20-16 R10 6/pkg

#16-12 R11 6/pkg

#12-6 R12 6/pkg

#4-2/0 R13 6/pkg

#1-6/0 R14 4/pkg

Folded backwards they work like a regular streamer

Folded forward your fly wiggles like a real fish. Granted a luxury item at best, but I’d rather buy these than EP popper heads purely because they have more uses. Click the link to visit the website and see these heads in Action.