Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Plipper

The Plipper was designed by Martin Joergenson, and is a real easy fly to tie on the tube. Depending on how long the piece of tube you are using, will depend on what fish you want to target. For this tutorial I have added my own spin on this great surface lure fly and would be great for all you Bass fly-fishermen out in the States & Summer Chub fly-fishermen in Europe.

Cut the tube to the desired length you want the fly to be and then tie on line along it.

Then wrap some pipe tube garland around it (I used Gold here). Tie secure.

Palmer on as many black Sclappen feathers it takes you to cover the tube.

Fold the foam to this shape. At the end of the bottom fold, punch a small hole in the end as this is where you will slide it over the tube.

Make four rubber legs and tie onto the side of the body when making the securing wraps of cotton to the tube.

I just added some character to this easy fly by drawing on some spots and adding some eyes but they aren’t necessary and either is the palmered Sclappen feathers…..especially if your tying it specifically as a pike fly. For Bass though, this needs the detail I’ve added.

Used over lily & weed pads one can place the hook mounting facing upwards to alleviate snagging or for slightly more open water have the hook mounting facing downwards.


dave lindsay said...

really nice looking tube that simon im going to tie a few up with perch in mind and fish on a fast sink line good job mate

pikepicker said...

shit man if I was a fish I would eat that thing in a heart beat!!!!! Nice tie bro!

Clive said...

Intense bro, looks wild!

scott said...

I've never tied on a tube before, it looks like it has serious potential, if only i wasn't a crap flytyer!

I forgot how much i love this blog, its a total goldmine of information and ideas.


mancing gembira said...

Hmm very creative.
I like your idea. Next time I'll try to tying this tube fly.