Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hot of the vise

With my leg still crook,Tube flies have been rattling off my vise these last few days like blokes streaming in and out of a whore house in Amsterdam.

Purple tube Bunny Bug

Elk hair bug streamer

Baitfish pattern tied with Red/white & Mullet brown SF blend

Tandem streamer tied with purple marabou on the front and Palmered guinea fowl feathers on the back

Flouro green & yellow marabou Angel

Flash fur streamer. Black fox zonker and olive racoon zonker strips palmered on the front and Gold FFF Flash & Silver pearle tinsel for the tail.


dave lindsay said...

that mullet is a fish killer mate nice

Ulf Hagström said...

That Elk hair bug and that Flash fur streamer looks amazing! They are all great, but those are my two favourites!


Mr. Green said...

Every time I come to this site I am amazed at your creativity. It is really inspiring some of my Musky tying.

All about the grab said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words....much appreciated.