Friday, 10 July 2009

Poppers (IV)

Using these corks as popper heads seems to have evoked mixed feelings in the pike fly-fishing fraternity these last few days,either here on PikeFFArticles or on some of the forums I have posted these poppers in. While many have praised the use of them, others have begged to differ. Questions have been asked whether they are too bulky to use as a popper head and would also be to heavy to cast. Poppers will always be more challenging to cast especially for a novice,but there is no need to cast these flies long distances.One needs to change his approach slightly for surface lures. The further away the popper is the harder it is to impart a decent action with it. If you keep your cast to around 12-15m one has much better control over the movement of the fly. Any further and you don't get the best out of the popper.

Snotrockets are unforgiving on your flies, and so why tie up elaborate weightless flies only for them to be mullard in 3 or 4 decent sized fish. I'm not prepared to spend my hard earned cash on ready made popper heads that cost an arm and a leg especially making the middle man richer in the process...and anyone that does.....well you need to re-access the way you fish for this species. Corks work just as good as any other product on the market. I don't claim to be an expert but with 16yrs experience in targeting these fish I feel I've earned the right to share my experiences with you all. My way is certainly not the right way, but it is another option which I like sharing with you and if it gets you trying other products on the market then all the better.

Anyway, with all poppers, you need a good popper hook. Wapsi produce hooks with a kink in the shank but unfortunately they are to small for pike poppers so I use a normal saltwater fly hook and build the cotton up in 3 ridges close to the hook eye like this. Drill a smallish hole through the cork... Place a liberal amount of Superglue around the cotton and then slide the cork head over the cotton. Leave for a minute and there you have it.There is no way in hell that cork head is coming off...or turn after a few fish.


pikepicker said...

Nice Simon.....people need to understand your not telling them what to do your showing them what works for you! Way to stick to your "GUNS" mate!

dave lindsay said...

nice post simon i do agree with you post propper popper heads are quite epensive and these cork ones make tens times more noise than the shop bought ones , unfortunatly people can be tackle tarts and dont realise that these will work just as good if not better than the shop bought versions

and yup they do get mauled so having a cheap supply is better

nice thought provoking post mate

dave lindsay said...

meant to say ill do some later and post the results mate