Friday, 31 July 2009

Deer Creek

Deer Creek specializes in offering some of the worlds most advanced Trout, Salmon and Salt-water flies to discerning anglers across the globe. We are now also able to offer the creative & forward thinking fly tyer an exciting selection of highest quality hooks & unique new materials that are at least as up to date as any seen anywhere else in the world. Couple these factors with a specialized custom tying service & exceptional after-sales.

Anyway,Nickolas over at "Deer creek" sent me a shit loada new corks of varying sizes as well as some gator eyes and some "Diamond clear" lacquer for me to try out....Cheers for that Nic.

Greg Senyo believes these eyes are the closest to Large mouth Bass eyes he has ever seen. they come in 4,5,7 & 9,5mm sizes and assortment of colours cost £1,99 for a packet of 16.

This bottle of "Diamond clear" lacquer is made from 100% recycled materials & retails for £3,99. Click any of the "Deer creek's" links to visit their site.


pikepicker said...

Shit got the makings of some kick ass top water bugs there! Those eyes are sick dude.....I will be getting some of those!

All about the grab said...

Yeh! they have to be the best eyes on the market Ken.Nice addition to the Balticpikeflies range.

Nickolas Wright said...

Hi Si I hope the day went as well as it could.

Thanks for the plug (sorry no pun intended) I will send you some more corks and eyes when you have finished that lot.