Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Eumer Tube pike flies

Here are a few more tube pike flies hot of the vise.


Anonymous said...

I have been looking throughout your entire blog, and I am absolutely amazed at the quality of pike and musky flies you tie. They are all a work of art. You have been my inspiration over the course of the last couple days in my fly tying for pike. Thank you for your information, and the wonderful flies your tie, they are all a work of art.

Now my question is the second one down from the top what did you use to tie that one? thank you and I look forward to seeing some more of your excellent work!

All about the grab said...

Thanks for your kind words regarding my flies,much appreciated.With regards to the fly in question I used a large clump of marabou hairline for the tail and white and black raccoon fur for the collar.