Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fly Candy

In my quest to find a fly that is light and has a nice balance of mixed materials I've come up with this model.I call it the "Replot stinger" They are a combination of fur & feathers with a smattering of flash thrown in. I've been tying these in a multitude of colours with pink/white and chartreuse/white being the most successful colour combos to date. I start by tying on at the back of the hook near the bend 4 white and a couple of Olive chinese sub saddles deciever stylie. Then add several strands of matching flashaboy followed by several brown & white microbarb saddles.

I then dubbing brush some white raccoon fur on, then finish of the fly with an olive dubbing brush palmered around the hook.Whip finish twice and your ready to fish. These flies are a joy to cast and they literally pulse through the water when retrieving. I've really caught a lot of fish with this fly this Autumn already. I'm sure tied in a different colour scheme they would make dynamite striper flies as well. These flies are going to be a new addition to the baltic pike flies range shortly.


David Edwards said...

For me Raccoon has been a revalation whether using it as a collar at the front of a fly or using it as a baitfish body with synthetic over the top... so much movement! As ever Simon - superb ties!