Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Realistic Fly Candy

Synthetics....well,as I've mentioned on numerous occassions its not my favourite medium to fish with or tie onto a hook. These materials simple just get mullard and after 4 or five fish they generally look like shit. Saying that though I am able to reproduce decent looking baitfish with the stuff,especially with Mirror image. All these flies are between 80mm - 100mm size bracket which are still a little larger than most the fish I found in the few pike stomachs I've taken home for the table this year. This is a small Herring imitation as the island has a healthy population of this species.

This is a the smallest baitfish I've tied so far at 70mm and is supposed to mimic a small Ide fry. During spring here around Replot, large....and when I mean large hundreds of thousands of Ide move up into the ditches scattered inside this island to spawn. many of the margins and openings to these ditches are full with the previous years Ide fry which many of the post spawned pike feed on so I'm hoping this fly does well.

These last 2 are variations of Herring patterns around 100mm in length, and I'm going to be experimenting with adding more steelhead silver to this model.

This is a Bream imitations around 80mm in length. Bream are probably one of the most common fish found here and they are another species I find regularly in pike stomachs. These could do with a little more yellow blended in, but for a 1st effort I'm quite happy with the overall finish.