Saturday, 11 September 2010

Cross over flies

Its always great to see how other fly fisherman develop and adapt their flies to target other species, cross over flies I call them! Anyway new found fly fishing buddy Perttu Vierimaa took two well known salmon flies the "Silver doctor" & the "Green Highlander" and tied his own interpretations of the fly onto 3/0 hooks and turned them into pike flies. I would have liked to have seen the tail extended a couple of centimeters on each fly just to give it a little more length but they have given me food for thought to maybe tie up some similar models in darker colours Black,brown,Silver & off white to immitate baitfish fry, Which the pike around here seem to feeding on at the mo.

Great idea Perttu and thanks for sharing. Tight lines with these mate.


Ryan said...

Thats a couple of great looking bugs. You have a talent. Happy fishing. Cheers.

The Average Joe Fisherman