Thursday, 16 September 2010

Brief moments in time!

From the moment a fish becomes attached to the end of my line, to the moment I see it disappearing back from whence it came is all too short a moment in my eyes.

90% of the pike I catch are released within a minute & a half of hooking them. I like to get the hook out as quick as I can,So when its time to release them they generally are still quite green and thrash away under the surface before I've had time to take in the fish. Its probably the reason why I fish so much as I'm constantly having to top up that 2-5 min adrenaline rush I get from the whole process.

But every now and then you get one that plays ball and the moment becomes endelibly printed in your mind. I love this fish, probably now more than any other species. Its sleek,Its fast...when it wants to be, They hit your fly with such aggression & I'ts a top predator to boot.

Images curtious of Stephane Hadjoudj