Thursday, 2 September 2010

Fly Candy

I blended white and sea blue slinky fiber for the main body of this soft belly baitfish while adding the obligatory two marabou hairline feathers (white). Added some dark blue goat hair for a lateral line and stuck a couple of eyes on. Caught me a couple of fish yesterday with it which fed the family.

I do like this fly and think the marabou feathers underneath give it a much better profile but only after 2 decent fish and the slinky fiber looks like something the cat dragged in and the eyes have fallen off.I use ZAP GOO PT-12 to bond the eyes to the fly which is made specifically for this purpose yet It doesn't do what it says on the packaging. Thats why I very rarely have eyes on my flies. 90% of the flies I feature on PikeFFArticles the eyes are being held in place with a small ball of bluetack and once finished taking a pic of them I take them off....well unless I Bug-bond them on. Are there any of you out there that could recommend a very strong glue for sticking on eyes permenantly.


BKill said...

I use 5 minute epoxy to hold eyes. Lay several flies on their sides, mix a small batch of epoxy, allow the glue to gel slightly, apply a small drop to each of the flies in the area where the eye is to be affixed, and then apply the eye. Give the glue ten or fifteen minutes to harden, flip the flies over, and repeat the process. Easy enough and the eyes will never come off.

Diver Dan said...

I use 5 min. epoxy as well. I almost never loose eyes. Once in a while I bang a fly off something behind me and loose one, but that's about it.