Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Party poppers

Here's a tight ass top tip for party poppers. Don't throw them away after you've fired them off, they not only make fantastic action discs for the front of your fly,but also make awesome popper heads for tube flies.

Peel off the wrapping and take a sharp blade and trim the top section from the main body of the party popper,like so.

Place a tube in your tube attachment and build up a decent front end using foam. Take off and place a generous helping of super glue all over the foam, and then slide the party popper head down the tube. Easy and works just as good as an action disc. I've been experimenting with different sizes the last few weeks and they push a lot of water around the fly giving the Marabou hairline and microbarb saddles so much more movement.

Action discs,nothing wrong with them but you can make them for a tenth of the price if you become a tight ass like me.

Steve Silverio was kind enough to send me this image of some of his tube flies he ties using Juice bottle tops to more or less achieve the same effect. Thanks for this Mate!


James O Durbin II said...

The peocock creast on the center fly looks sweet. I will have to tie a few on my flies.