Monday, 6 September 2010

Fly Candy

Pink white is another combo that works quite well here on the Baltic although I don't use it as often than I should. What I have started to notice is that smaller flies of around 80mm - 100mm are far more successful than when I 've been using longer flies. Take for instance this weekend, I put in 10hrs worth of fishing in some prity blustery weather and used extremely small flies and caught regularly. As soon as I changed the fly to something larger in the same saught of colour scheme I battlled. Sure in all fishing there are so many variables to take in to consideration but I have found especially the last 3 weeks since the water temps have dropped that smaller flies are more effective. Whether this is because there are so much baitfish here around Replot and pike prefer to eat smaller prey more often, I'm not sure, but it has made me take note that maybe next season I will be using smaller flies than I have been this last season. Maybe thats why the summer here was so slow,as I was using far to bigger flies.