Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pech mouche

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Baltic pike flies feature in this months Peche mouche with a great article about targeting pike on the fly with surface lures and poppers,by a good mate Vincenzo Penteriani who I'm going to be fishing with in a couple of weeks time here around the island.


Bruce Deschamps said...

I've read the article in this magazine and I definitely want to try to catch pike on a fly.
I followed one of your tutorials to tie the BendBack streamer. It was actually very easy following it and I manage to get my first Pike fly in my box!

I am now looking at a proper rod and I was thinking to buy the 9' GT4SW Medium Fast Action - Vision fly fishing Switch Rod. Do you think it is a good choice?


All about the grab said...

Hi Bruce,
Yes the GT4 is a great rod and loads a line well. Vision also have the Night Catapult which is a great rod for pike on the fly.

I would also reccommend their vibe 85 line (floating)or their Big Mama intermediate camo line. for the GT4 or Night Catapult.