Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fly Candy

Dmitry sent me this the other day of him with a pike caught with one of my "Pink Lazy boys" which is always great to see.

I like to fish these flies with an intermediate line letting it sink around a meter before starting the retrieve. They've caught me a lot of fish this season. The retrieve is slow and constant with a strip every second or so, purely to give the fly an undulating movement under the water.

I have a couple here where I've replaced the rubber legs with several grizzly microbarb saddles tied around the head and they just give a little bit extra movement under the water

If your looking for a totally snag free fly for rivers or while out wading then tie yourselves up some of these "Rattle n Hums". You could tie them in whatever colour combo you prefer,I've just settled on having a predominantly black version which is constantly catching me fish.