Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Fly Candy

Other than my trusty raccoon bunnies, this has been my favourite tube fly this season. Another of those cross over saltwater flies "The Bunker baitfish" pattern is a real joy to fish with. They seem irrisistable to pike,whether its the colour or the material combination I'm not sure but what ever it is they are real pike magnets.

Speaking with Steve Silverio yesterday I mentioned that this winter I'm going to be changing the style of most of my own fishing flies for the next season, with a range of more realistic looking baitfish patterns tied between 80mm - 120mm lengths with Minnows, Herring, Perch, Ide and whitefish imitations in mind.

Although I'm lucky here that nearly all pike have'nt seen fly before, and I've been able to catch them on all manner of colour and size combinations,I think a new approach is needed just to put what weve learned from the past 2 yrs in to practice that pike generally feed on smaller prey more frequantly here than say pike living in a closed water system like lakes. If smaller flies are successful next season, then I'm making progress in slowly understanding the feeding habits of these Baltic pike.