Friday, 1 October 2010

A day at the office

Spring is always a great time of the year for pike on the fly partlybecause of the 5 month lay off I have here due to the freeze over,yet its not my favourite season. September,October and the 1st 2 weeks in November are by far the most prolific months for fishing. I truly am luck to be able to dedicate 2hrs in the morning and 2hrs in the afternoon or evening fly fishing for pike and with 152 consecutive days behind me too the good I've another 45 days left before I pack up shop for the winter. I've been heading to one of my favourite spots in the West of the island a lot lately purely because the fishing has been exceptional there now for about three weeks since the water temps have dropped to around 10'c.

Its an awesome place to wade and there are so many rocks one can fish from elavated points along the stretch. I took Lena along yesterday and within an hour and a half had caught 12 fish and lost 5 all with a 100m stretch of water. Watching pike dart out from behind rocks or literally follow my fly until they just can't resist the temptation any more is insane. I've been fishing with a floating line several weeks now and with a heavy front ended fly have been allowing the fly to sink a few feet before stripping back. Allowing the fly to sink after each set of strips. 90% of my takes have been when the fly has been stationary or when its on the drop.

The water has also darkened considerably the last week as plant life dies off, and so have been using a lot of flash flies with great success. Anyway click the images for a larger view.


Thomas said...

Niiiice spot!

Djuza said...

Wish i had a office like yours :)

pietro said...

absolutely one of the best offices in the world..enjoy it mate!