Monday, 18 October 2010


I know I’ve mentioned Bug-bond on here before, but If there’s one product that has revolutionised the way I finish off my flies it has to be this product. Yes there are a few similar UV Cured resins on the market today, but none cure as quickly or without any tack, like Bug-bond does. For those that still use 5 min epoxies to coat their flies, then you really are still living in the dark ages. This is how simple it is to use

After the fly is completed and the eyes are placed in the position I want them. I add a thin coating over the eye as well as the front. Slowly rotate the vise a few turns until it has settled and spread evenly.

Turn on the UV Torch and shine over the area coated. 3 -5 seconds, is all that is needed.

Turn vise over and coat the other eye. Rotate vise a couple of times and use the UV Torch again for 3-5 seconds and the fly is finished. No mixing of 2 pack 5 min resins, no irritating tiny air bubbles, no yellowing or discolouration and above all no mess! Another aspect which elevates Bug-bond above all other competitors is how easy it is to apply. The handy squeeze bottle and applicator tips allow you to administer as much or as little as you require for each specific job. A 20ml bottle generally allows me to coat between 60 - 70 baitfish heads.

The Standard Kit

Bug-Bond have recently started offering a Standard Kit comprising a Multi-LED UV Light (currently a 12 UV LED Light but subject to change - Batteries included) together with a 20ml bottle of Bug-Bond and a Pro-Tip kit for £29.95 GBP plus postage is by far the cheapest tack free UV cure kit available on the market today. Until the end of October they will be giving away a Pro-Tip kit worth £4.95 GBP (subject to availability) with every Bug-Bond kit ordered.

The Bug-Bond Pro-kit comprises 1x 20ml bottle of Bug-Bond and 1x Nightsearcher 395 UV torch and costs £59.95 GBP (you will require 2x CR123a batteries to power the UV light).

For those living in the United States, Bug-Bond is now fully available through Greg Becker at or either with Scott Wessels at Bear’s Den

Once you’ve tried and used Bug-bond, you’ll understand why I rate this product so highly. Click any of the links to visit the Bug-bond website to order yourself some. David Edwards owner of BB, is a fantastic chap to deal with and will answer any questions you might have. Visit his blog “Deesox” or the BB Facebook page to read how versatile this stuff really is.