Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Adapting new techniques

Raccoon Bunnies have accounted for me catching so many fish this season. These tube versions are fucking deadly to say the least. They have increadible longevity due to them being pike mouth friendly. I've got some here still from the beginning of the season that are still catching me fish.I've been testing a new method called the "Moffet angling system" with this model fly, which entails a trailing tiny circle hook instead of a wider gaped longer shanked hook pushed into the back of the tube. First tests this season have proved very positive indeed as 95% of all the pike I've caught have been on the outside of the mouth.

These raccoon bunnies have been a perfect test subject for this method purely because they are a great attractor fly that has a lot of movement under the water and as I've mentioned are pike mouth freandly due to the natural materials used.

My favourite colour combo the olive/Brown tube bunny with a splash of gold flash thrown in. I'll out fish any jerk or wobbler fisherman with this fly no questions asked.


Phantom Santa said...

Simon, great great blog living in Bozeman MT not a lot of pike fishing but lots of streamer fishing for sure!! Your blog has become a daily read for me and a great way to start out the day. so i have a quick question... for these Raccoon Bunnies it that a cross cut fin raccoon zonker strip or just a regualr cut zonker stirp. I have been looking about and have had a hard time finding any type of fin raccoon zonker materals so if you have a good place that would ship to the states I would be intrested in finding out who that might be. Keep up the good work and if need drip me a line at Thanks a ton