Saturday, 16 October 2010

Golden eye!

Had a mad hours session this morning.Second cast in and bagged a 106cm snotrocket then followed that with 3 fish all around 85cm. I then moved over the other side of the bridge and then recorded a PB in length and probably weight at 112cm. You might ask...well wheres the pics to prove it Si? 95% of my fishing is done alone & I very rarely take my camera out with me these days purely because it's become too unreliable due to old age. I'm also one of those old school blokes that doesn't have a camera on my phone either. Maybe its time for change! I hear the new Nokia N8 calling me. Anyway even after catching those two nice fish this morning, my mind has been clouded more by a smaller fish of around 80cm that I lost close to hand. I should be reliving the glorious PB, yet all I can think about is the one that got away!


Unknown said...

Congratulations of good fishing and the PB of course.I also left my camera home due to cold and snowy conditions.I have sometimes wondered what if I got a big fish when the camera is at home and came to a conclusion:I dont have to prove anything to anybody so the only harm is you dont got a memory to watch,so what?there will be next time :)
Congratulations one more time.