Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fly Candy

I caught 73 pike last week,and this particular pink/white replot stinger accounted for 17 of them. every time I clipped it on to my line I didn't have to wait long before it became wedged in a snotrockets mouth. With my one fish one fly policy I have, I was torn between just keeping it on my line all the time and having to replace it with a different model.

Whether its the combination of fur and feathers or colour scheme this fly is quickly becoming my favourite mode of attack. There is room for development, maybe not a lot.....but then on the other hand,why change a winning formula!


Jeff said...

What is the reason behind the one fish one fly policy?

All about the grab said...

Jeff there are a couple of reason. Firstly I get bored using the same fly. Secondly I have so many flies as you've probably guessed, so I like to swop and change every day. Thirdly I am seriously spoilt with the amount of pike here around the island and so I like to give myself challenges like not changing the fly until I catch something with it. Unfortunately a fly stays on my line longer than I like....but I still persevere with it.

I also only ever go out fishing with 3 or 5 flies in my box. I like to keep things simple. I have clients come here for a weeks fishing with over 500 flies and only ever use 15 the whole week yet spend on average an hour and a half the the whole trip deciding which fly they should fish with next. Thats an hour and a half of wasted fishing time I say.

Jabala said...

Hello Simon!

I'm also a fan of this color combination. For some reason pink-white is a great universal color combination especially for cold water.

When compared to traditional bright red-white combination, the pink-white looks almost similar in my fishermans eyes. The snot rockets of the seas still seem to prefer this pink alternative as the red-white works best in the lakes and rivers.