Sunday, 24 October 2010

Out and about

Went out this morning before sunrise...well you know the early bird catches the worm.Didn't have many fish early on.....3 to be exact, then moved further down and second cast in I caught the fish below on a fly very similar to this. Only difference I had natural bunny zonker instead of snow white.

Yes I know!...... I had my camera with me, but it really is a detramental piece of shit these days. Anyway I managed to keep the pike in a small pool while I set the timer and took one image in the hope that it would work,which is this one. Length 101cm (39 inches) Small in comparison to yesterdays but probably an average fish for me this spring. I cant praise these fishskull enough. Used with my vibe 85 floating line and a 2 meter slow sink 60lb mono leader the fly can be retrieved & regulated at different depths depending on how fast or slow you strip back.90% of the takes this Autumn have been while the fly has been on the drop or during hang time at the end of a strip which these fishskulls have definitely helped in achieving. I've slowed the retieval down to a slow plod now the water is around 3'c and it seems to have helped with better fly presentation. Anyway not many more days left to go fishing for this year....Uuuuuugh!


Milos Lazarevic said...

That's a nice fish Simon! Congrats! And I love the two strip tail fly. With that heavy head it has to have insane action in water.